Attribute Description Module Helping Others

Something really exciting happened today! I discovered that one of the Magento modules I created, Magento 2 Attribute Descriptions, was used as an answer for somebody’s question on the Magento StackExchange website! This is something I’m very proud of as it was also my first PHP package uploaded to Packagist, the PHP package repository. If you […]

Top Magento Developer Resources

I search Google every day for answers to my Magento questions and I have collected a list of some of my favorite websites and blogs for getting answers. As we all know, not all information on the internet is helpful, so its good to have a list of places you can go to for help […]

Magento 2 Attribute Description Module

My first complete open source module for Magento 2 adds the ability for site owners and developers to add descriptions to product attributes. Magento gives you the ability to add a label to an attribute, like Color, Size, or Material, but it has no built-in way to describe what that attribute means. This can come […]

Using an Image Selector Parameter for Magento Widgets

Don’t feel like reading? See the code: Widgets are great in Magento but can be a little limited in what types of values you can use for the different parameters. Out of the box, Magento provides text boxes, select dropdowns, and blocks. Examples of “block” parameters in Magento are a CMS Block chooser, product chooser, […]

Magento Slack Group

Did you know Magento has its own Slack group? Its the Magento Community Engineering Slack group at Since I joined it has become one of my favorite resources. Everyone on there is super helpful and very engaged. There are tons of different channels in the group for different Magento topics, ranging from infrastructure and […]

New Matty Magento Blog!

Hey there! Some people call me Matty Magento and this is my new Magento blog! Its something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. I work on Magento websites every day and I run into problems with them every day! If you are like me, and you have decided to make a living working on […]